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Learn to kitesurf in 3 days for ‚ā¨199,- all-in

That’s our BLOW Summerdeal!

Private lesson

A private course is the most effective way to learn how to kitesurf. Our 1 on 1 coaching method between student and teacher has proven very succesful. As a result we see students progressing faster and more effectively.

 most effective teaching method

1 on 1 personal guidance

perfect for intermediate/ advanced kiters
Rates private lessons

  • SINGLE LESSON¬†(2,5 hr): ‚ā¨¬†180,-
  • 3 DAY COURSE¬†(3 x 2,5 hr): ‚ā¨ 510,-
  • 5 DAY COURSE¬†(5 x 2,5 hr): ‚ā¨ 800,-
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Duo lesson (2 persons)

Learning how to kitesurf with 2 persons is the ideal combination¬†between how much you’ll learn during the lesson (effectivity) and how tiring it is on your body (intensity). The pauzes in a duo lesson create the opportunity to learn from each other.

perfect combo effectivity & intensity

 share your learning curve

 suitable for any level
Rates duo lesson

  • SINGLE LESSON¬†(3 hr): ‚ā¨ 130,-
  • 3 DAY COURSE¬†(3 x 3 hr): ‚ā¨ 360,-
  • 5 DAY COURSE¬†(5 x 3 hr): ‚ā¨ 550,-
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Group lesson (3 persons)

The¬†group lesson is our bestseller among¬†beginners and to be honest it is the best price/ quality option we have to offer. During the lessons you’ll meet future¬†kite¬†buddies¬†with whom you can share your learning¬†curve. A group lesson lasts no less than a whopping 3,5 hours!

best price/ quality option

 ideal mix between fun & progression

 perfect for beginners!
Prijzen groepsles

  • Introductie les (3,5 uur): ‚ā¨ 99,-
  • 3 daagse cursus (3 x 3,5 uur): ‚ā¨ 269,-
  • 5 daagse cursus (5 x 3,5 uur): ‚ā¨ 399,-
Prijzen kitesurfles Groepsles


> Yes, let's go!

How many kitesurflessons do I need?

BLOW Kitesurfschool advices every beginner to take a 3- to¬†5 day course with us. We’re certain that you’ll be able to kitesurf independently within 3 to 5 kitesurflessons.

After 3 lesson, I’ll be able to…

  • Know the right conditions for kitesurfing (weather & wind)
  • Know how to setup my¬†complete kitesurf set
  • Control the kite 100%
  • Bodydrag to wherever I like
  • Independently make waterstarts left and right
  • Ride short distances and come to a controlled stop! YEAHHH

After 5 days of kiting, I’ll be able to…

  • (do the same as the 3 day course, but so much more)
  • Ride for longer distances
  • Ride upwind
  • Perform nice and smooth turns
  • Kite with a serious level of confidence
  • Kitesurf¬†with my¬†buddies and just be awesome!!!

What does BLOW have to offer?

Are you an¬†experienced kiter and in need of a refreshment course? Or do you still lack¬†that little bit of confidence to go out on your own? THAN YOU’RE ALMOST THERE MY FRIEND! You just need that extra push in the right direction and that’s where we come in.¬†BLOW offers single lessons to any level of rider. If you’re looking for a tailored made program or you want to just focus on the waterstart, we got you covered. Just¬†pick up the phone, drop a line on our e-mail and we’ll make it happen!

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