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Learn to Kitesurf in Holland

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Learn to kitesurf in Holland/ The Netherland

BLOW Kitesurfschool offers kitesurf lessons in the shallow and flat water lagoon of Kijkduin.¬†This is just 5 km south of the famous beach Scheveningen.¬†This is the ideal spot to learn to kitesurf in Holland.¬†The secluded, shallow lagoon of the ‚ÄėZandmotor‚Äô offers flat water in combination with a very steady sea breeze. That‚Äôs why it is the best sport to learn to kitesurf in Holland. There is a special designated area for kitesurfers, so you‚Äôve all the place you need.

Learn to kitesurf in Holland? What about the wind?

It’s very windy in Holland and at our lagoon it is possible to kitesurf with every wind direction. Furthermore the lagoon offers shallow water and many place where you can stand. This is unique for a kitesurf spot in Holland, even in Europe. As a result you’ll learn to kitesurf much easier!


Kitesurfing Kijkduin/ Zandmotor | Advantages

  • shallow water ‚Äď you can stand everywhere
  • flat water¬†‚Ästno waves, no current
  • broad beach ‚Äď enough space for kitesurflessons
  • near the coast¬†‚Äststeady sea breeze
  • no hassle with tourists
  • easily accessible & free parking
  • facilities (shower, dressing room, lockers etc.)

“De Sandmotor¬†in Kijkduin is like the¬†beginner slope¬†of¬†kitesurfing.¬†Not only does it provide safer conditions but the shallow water allows for a super fast learning curve. As a result, you’ll be on the board in no-time which eventually¬†is more fun and cost-saving!”


If you want to learn how to kitesurf in Holland, you‚Äôll want to do this with a bit of luxury. We have our own Beach House¬†which is situated at the lagoon!¬†The BLOW Beach House is very relaxed beach club with facilities such as: showers, lockers, dressing rooms and more. This is where we will meet and afterwards drink a nice juice, cappuccino or beer. You’re welcome to try out¬†the very tastefull sandwiches to recharge your batteries.

–¬†Dressing rooms
–¬†Secured lockers
–¬†Delicious coffee & tasty sandwiches
–¬†Free parking
– Free Wifi
–¬†Walking distance of the spot

*the home of BLOW, this is where all the lessons start


So you want to learn how to kitesurf in Holland? Navigate to the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan in¬†the Hague. It’s a free parking zone all the way. Try to park your car at the far end of the road next to the Kijkduin Vakantiepark. Cross the dunes and if you face the ocean turn¬†left. BLOW Beach House is the last beachclub on the beach and closest to the Zandmotor, this is where¬†our instructors are anxiously waiting to show you everything you need to know in order to kitesurf in Holland.¬†

At our Beach House¬†you’ll be able to store your personal belongings. After you are dressed to impress¬†you‚Äôll walk together with your instructor over¬†the beach¬†and your first kitesurf experience will begin! The easiest way to navigate to us is by¬†Google Maps: BLOW Kitesurfschool

We’re also easily accessible by public transport. Bus 23 and¬†24 both have a stop at the¬†boulevard of¬†Kijkduin which is 15¬†minute walk to¬†our location.¬†

Video’s about the¬†Zandmotor

*BLOW brand movie (check our why we started our kitesurfschool)

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