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Learn to Kitesurf in 5 days?

This is our most complete and best kitesurfing course BLOW Kitesurfschool offers. We are 100% sure that within this time you’ll be able to learn to kitesurf at different spots, go upwind for longer distances and even make your first turns. 

The goal is to teach you how be a fully independent kitesurfer within 5 days so you’ll be able to go out on your own or with your buddies without any hesitation without any risks. Make sure you’ll learn to kitesurf with a kickstart – book your 5 day kitesurf course now online!

Book today online € 399,- (€ 80,- per lesson).

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“Welcome to the family”


You’ve got always 3 options:

How will I learn to kitesurf?


In your first three kitesurf lessons Chris & Toine will teach you how to control the kite, how to independenlty perform a waterstart and ride in both directions on the board.

  • Day 1: Theory, Riggin up and Controling the Kite
  • Day 2: Getting used to the kite, practising the waterstart and riding small distances with the board
  • Day 3: Riding longer distances!

During our time as instructors, we’ve noticed that student generally have enough technique after the 3rd lesson but tend to forget other kitesurfers whilst kitesurfing on their own. That’s why you’ll learn to kitesurf amongst other kiters in a controlled and safe manner. 

  • Day 4: Ride longer distances (upwind), turns
  • Day 5: Independent, confident, and safe kitesurfing

You’ll learn to kitesurf, do turns and be aware of your surroundings and then you’re GOOD TO GOOO!

Kitesurf cursus - Day 1

  • Know the right conditions for kitesurfing (weather & wind)
  • Explain what the wind window, power zone and neutral zone are
  • Use the safey systems in case of an event
  • Control your kite
  • Bodydragging! Wohooo this is so cool

Kitesurf cursus - Dag 2

  • Upwind body dragging to find your board
  • Theory about waterstarting and the control the board
  • Execute a perfect power stroke to get out of the water
  • Independently put on the board while you control the kite at the same time
  • Waterstart in both directions
  • Your first meters of riding!!! Woehooooo

Kitesurf cursus - Dag 3

  • Theory on body positioning & board control
  • Ride longer distances
  • Edge board to maintain speed and course
  • Ride upwind (against the wind)
  • Independently ride long distances upwind – That’s it Yihaaaa!

Kitesurf cursus - Dag 4 & 5

  • Edge board to maintain speed and course
  • Ride long distances upwind
  • Maintain overview whilst kitesurfing
  • Kitesurf amongst other kiters
  • Fluent turns in both directions
  • Maybe even your first jump! Up, up and away!

Official IKO Certificate

After you’ve completed your course at BLOW Kitesurfschool you’ll be officially certified according to the International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO). This is an international certificate that states your personal level and you’ll be able to rent equipment all over the world.

Influence of wind & weather?

Okay, I’ve learned how to kitesurf now what?

You’ve learned to kitesurf and you’ve been officially certified as an independent kitesurfer. This means you can go out on your own or with you buddies to enjoy the sport in safe and responsible manner. Now it’s probably the best time to buy your first kitesurf gear. Chris & Toine will help you even after your course with all the questions related to this! You might start planning a kitesurf trip and end up with us in Brazil or the Caribbean….

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