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3 day Kitesurf lesson package

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Our preferred course by our students and rightly so. Feeling curious? Contact us: +31652534999
Kjeld Sjaardema Senior Instructor
Our team will get you riding on the board back and forth within 3 days. Curious to see what you’ll learn in this course: Check it out:

  • Day 1: Theory, Riggin up and Controling the Kite
  • Dag 2: Getting used to the kite, practising the waterstart and riding small distances with the board
  • Dag 3: Riding longer distances!

Feel like getting on the board this weekend? Book your course directly online for only € 269,-

Yes, I want to learn how to kitesurf

Day 1

  • Know the right conditions for kitesurfing
    • weather
    • wind
    • location check
  • Explain what the wind window, power zone and neutral zone are
  • Use the safey systems in case of an event
  • Control your kite
  • Bodydragging! Wohooo this is so cool

Day 2

  • Upwind body dragging to find your board
  • Theory about waterstarting and the control the board
  • Execute a perfect power stroke to get out of the water
  • Independently put on the board while you control the kite at the same time
  • Waterstart in both directions
  • Your first meters of riding!!! Woehooooo

Day 3 

  • Theory on body positioning & board control
  • Ride longer distances
  • Edge board to maintain speed and course
  • Ride upwind (against the wind)
  • Independently ride long distances upwind – That’s it Yihaaaa!

After my 3 day course?

In our experience it takes about 3 kitesurf lessons before students have mastered the technique to kite from one direction to another.

This does not yet mean that the student has enough skill or confidence to kite independently. It is extremely important that a kitesurfer is able to maintain overview of what is happening on the water whilst kitesurfing. This is the only way you are able to kitesurf safely and take other kite- or windsurfers into consideration. During the 3 and 5 day courses we will focus on creating overview and learning extra skills so you’ll be an independent and confident kitesurfer.

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We always have 3 options

Join the Family! Come and ride with us

Create your own package, book online and you'll be riding this weekend!

Join the Family! Come and ride with us

Create your own package, book online and you'll be riding this weekend!