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How to Kitesurf

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How to Kitesurf? Start with an introductory lesson!

Do you want to learn how to kitesurf? Just read on and find out what you’ll learn during your first kitesurf lesson.

In your first kitesurf lesson we pay close attention to safety, the gear and your kitesurfing technique. As a result you’ll know when it is safe to go out kitesurfing with your buddies and when not to. You’ll be able to rig up the kite, have a good understanding how all the safety features work and ‘launch’ the kite properly before going into the water!

In the second part of your we’ll plunge into the water to perform your first bodydrags! This is super fun, you’ll experience the power of a kite and how to control this.

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You always have 3 options:

What are the steps in how to kitesurf?

Steps introductory kitesurf lesson

  • Know the right conditions for kitesurfing (weather & wind)
  • Explain what the wind window, power zone and neutral zone are
  • Use the safey systems in case of an event
  • Control your kite
  • Bodydragging! Wohooo this is so cool

What will I do in my first kitesurf lesson?

Your first kitesurf lessons is all about handling the kite. First we’ll start with a smal trainer kite and from there on we’ll eventually go in the water with bigger inflatable kite. You’ll learn to control the kite and get a clear understanding of the kites power by bodydragging.

Are you a fast student – then you’d might get a shot on the board in your first kitesurf lesson.

What skills do I have after my first kitesurf lesson?

After your first kitesurf lesson you’ll be able to

  • independently setup your kite
  • independently launch your kite
  • control the kite in a safe and manner
  • body drag left and right with a smooth turn

But most of all you are ready for your second kitesurf lesson. Here we will teach you how to independently put on your board and ride your first meters! Yihaa

How does weather & wind influence a kitesurf lesson?

Without wind it is not possible to kitesurf, a kite needs a minimal amount of wind to stay in the air and generate power. On the other hand in case of too much wind kitesurfing may become too unsafe for beginners.

  • Minimum wind: 10 knots (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 knots (6-7bft)

At BLOW Kitesurfschool we always keep the body weight, expertise and level of the student into consideration.

What’s next?

A kitesurf introductory lesson is just the first step in learning how to kitesurf. In our experience it takes about 3 kitesurf lessons before students have mastered the technique to kite from one direction to another.

This does not yet mean that the student has enough skill or confidence to kite independently. It is extremely important that a kitesurfer is able to maintain overview of what is happening on the water whilst kitesurfing. This is the only way you are able to kitesurf safely and take other kite- or windsurfers into consideration. During the 3 and 5 day courses we will focus on creating overview and learning extra skills so you’ll be an independent and confident kitesurfer.

After 3 lessons:

  • Full control over kite
  • Waterstart in both directions
  • Ride on the board (short distances)
3 day kitesurf course

After 5 lessons:

  • Ride on the board for longer distances
  • Ride upwind
  • Independent, confident and safe kitesurfing
5 day kitesurf course