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Our advice: go for a 3 day course and you’ll be riding the board in no-time! Have any questions? Just give us a ring: +31652534999
Marlou Parqui Senior Instructor

*All prices mentioned include: kitesurf gear, instructor and IKO certificate

** All kitesurf lessons can be scheduled from april till november. We’re open 7 days a week, also after work!

What are you waiting for?

> Yes, I want to kitesurf

Learning how to kitesurf without lessons is extremely difficult and dangerous. We discourage any beginner trying to kitesurf without guidance. Compare it with snowboarding from a stope steep for the first time. Beside that it’s super scary, you also run the risk of a serious accident. During a kitesurflesson you’ll be thought to deal with all kinds of situations in a safe environment.

Next to that, there are a lot of other benefits:

  • The road to kitesurfing is a super fun process
  • You’re skills will progress a lot quicker
  • We have all the equipment, you don’t have to buy anything (yet)
  • You learn to assess risks
  • And during the kitesurf lessons you get to know a lot of new people

The majority of serious kitesurfing accidents are caused by beginners with little or no experience and therefor make crucial mistakes. So take a lesson at a professional school with experienced instructors so you can enjoy kitesurfing in holland at it’s best!

There is a very high chance that you will not be able to master kitesurfing in a singel lesson. From our experience we see that it takes about 3 to 5 lessons to really get the hang of it. In general you’ll learn to get up on your board and learn all the safety skills within 3 lessons. In lesson 4 and 5 we’ll be able to teach you how to ride longer distances, kite on your own with a lot of confidence and maybe bust out a little jump 😉

At BLOW we do not only focus on the physical skills but we also stress the importance of theory and safety. This way you’ll always be kitesurfing independently and safe.

Okay, so you’re looking at kitesurfschool but how are you going to choose between them? Not every kitesurfschool has the same level of safety and quality. That’s why we created an easy list of criteria to help you along the way. Just pay attention to these 6 points and you can’t go wrong:

1. Classified Kitesurfschool
Make sure that kitesurfschools are certified by the leading quality standards: IKO / VDWS / NKV. BLOW Kitesurfschool has been certified as one of the six IKO kitesurfing centers in the Netherlands. All the instructors are experienced and are IKO certified.

2. Experienced instructors
Ask yourself the following question? Can the instructors prove their experience and are they certified in any way? The instructors at BLOW are mostly highly educated kitesurfers with a background in technical university, sports & health management or are professional kitesurfers themselves. All our instructors have the same step-for-step structure in their lessons based on the IKO standards. Due to our collective experience you’ll have the time of your life!

3. Maximum group size
Always check the amount of students per instructor. At BLOW we have a maximum of 3 students per instructor to maintain the safety and quality of the lessons. In our experience, when you have a group of 4 or more students, the quality of the lesson will drop severely.

4. Newest Gear
Kitesurfschools should always use the newest and safest gear. The risk of accidents increases as older equipment is used. The kites and bars (lines) we use for lessons are renewed 2 or 3 times a year. As a result, we always have the newest gear on the markt to ensure safety. During the season all the gear is regularly checked by the instructors and students of BLOW. To ensure the safety of our students during a lesson we use helmets, impact vests and colorful lycra’s

5. Customer care & Service
Difficult one to check but very important: is the kitesurfschool after the kitesurflesson available for further advice? Is it well known for its good reputation? And what about certification, when do you get your IKO certificate?

6. Location
Just like snowboarding it’s nice to start on a blue run without bumps and steep slopes. This principle also applies for kitesurfing; you’ll learn kitesurfing faster on a knee deep flat water spot. This is one of the most important perks of a kitesurfschool, the location! Us is the famous lagoon of the “Zandmotor” in Kijkduin. In the lagoon you’ll be protected from rough waves and currents so you can fully focus on your board and kite. In case you lose your board, you can just walk through the shallow water and get it back on your feet 😉

At BLOW you always have three options. You can take a private, duo or group lesson. Each choice has its own advantages. The size of the lessons is up to 3 people to ensure the safety and quality of the lessons!

  • Private kitesurfing is the most effective way to learn kitesurfing, but can sometimes be very intense.
  • Duo lessons are very effective and you can still learn from each other.
  • Group lessons are the best value for money option. You can watch and learn from each other.

The average beginner needs about 3 to 5 lessons. We always recommend to take group lessons in the beginning so you can reduce costs and simultaneously learn all the ins and outs of kitesurfing together with your buddies! After your three day course we’d recommend to take another one or two kitesurflessons (duo or private) for the finishing touches of being a independent kitesurfer with enough self-confidence!

Wij raden elke beginnende kitesurfer aan om een 3 daagse cursus te volgen. Hieronder staan de van onze groepslessen.
*Voor cursisten die een opfriscursus of gevorderde kitesurfles willen raden we prive kite surfles aan.

Enkele kitesurfles                 € 99,-

3 daagse kitesurf cursus      € 269,-

5 daagse kitesurf curus        € 399,-

(alle genoemde prijzen voor kitesurfles zijn inclusief materiaal & instructeur, geen extra kosten!)

Overzicht van prijzen

Wij geloven dat iedereen kan leren kitesurfen van 8 tot 80 jaar oud!

BLOW Kitesurfschool is de kitesurfschool die kinderen mag lesgeven. Wij zijn een internationaal erkende IKO kitesurfschool en mogen kinderen vanaf 6 jaar leren powerkiten en vanaf 8 jaar leren kitesurfen. Wij geloven er heilig in dat iedereen kan leren kitesurfen!

Ik heb zelfs iemand van 80 leren kitesurfen, wat een geweldige ervaring! Een jaar later kwam deze held terug voor een spring les
Toine Senior Instructeur BLOW

Zonder wind is het niet mogelijk om te leren kitesurfen, er is namelijk een minimaal aantal knopen nodig om een vlieger in de lucht te houden. Aan de andere kant zit er een maximum aan het aantal knopen om veilig kitesurfles te kunnen geven. Gemiddeld gaat 70% van de lessen altijd door!

  • Minimum wind: 10 knopen (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 knopen (6-7bft)

Dit is altijd afhankelijk van de ervaring en gewicht van de cursist en de onderdelen die wij de cursist willen leren.

“Mochten een kitesurfles niet doorgaan, dan nemen wij altijd contact (e-mail, telefonisch, sms) op met onze cursisten zodat ze niet voor niets komen.”

De thuisbasis van BLOW Kitesurfschool ligt in Kijkduin, net onder Scheveningen! Onze favoriete plek om kitesurfles te geven is in Kijkduin op het vlakke en kniediepe water van de Zandmotor. Kitesurfles is maar 5 km van Scheveningen vandaan en je kan er gratis parkeren. Kortom de ideale plek voor kitesurfles. Deze locatie heeft de volgende kenmerken:

  • vlak water
  • kniediep
  • gratis parkeren
  • steady zeewind
  • genoeg ruimte
Bekijk onze locatie

Wij hebben drie standaard dagdelen waarin wij lesgeven: ochtend (09:30), middag (14:00) en avond (17:30). Maar mocht je een speciaal verzoek hebben dan kan je altijd terecht bij ons en proberen we zo flexibel mogelijk te zijn!