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BLOW Kitesurf camp is the most intense, fun and awesome week during the summer holiday. Schools out, kids are free and we have ample time to teach a whole new generation how to kitesurf, skateboard, wavesurf and basically show them how to enjoy life to the fullest on the beach. Surf’s up amigo!


The total price for the 5 day camps is €699,- including: 

  • Meals (lunch + friday BBQ) & Healthy snacks
  • Kitesurfing, surfing, longboarden, supping, wakeboarding, etc.
  • Use of all our equipment (wetsuits, boards, kites, etc.)
  • IKO Certificate
  • All of the extra fun activities


So no extra costs!

Date & Times

BLOW Kitesurf camp starts at Monday 14th untill Friday the 118h of August 2017. Drop your kids off in the morning and pick them up after work, it’s as easy as that. We don’t mind if you stick around on our terrace during the sunset 😉

  • 08:30 – 09:30 dropping off the kids
  • 09:30 – 17:30 sports, fun and education
  • 17:30 – 18:30 picking up the kids

Groups & age

We’re organizing this camp for everyone youngster between 10 and 17 years old. The minimum amount of participants is 8 persons, the maximum amount is 25 per week. If there are less than 8 participants we would have to cancel the event. We’ll make sure to notify everyone as soons as possible.


Awesome & Active

  • you will receive a minimum of 17,5 hours of kitesurfing lessons throughout the week
  • you will also do lots of other fun sports and activities, including wakeboarding, SUPping, longboarding, powerkiting, wavesurfing, and more!
  • you will be active all day – this camp is not for the lazy!


Safe & Healthy

  • all our instructors are fully IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified
  • all kiteboarding lessons have a maximum of three kids per instructor, so you get full attention and learn the most!
  • all meals and snacks we offer healthy, wholesome and most importantly: yummie!
  • our camps are at the Zandmotor Lagoon which is ‘the blue piste of kiteboarding’ – the best place in The Netherlands to learn or improve your kiteboarding: the same wind but not the waves of the open seas!



  • special dietary restrictions? No problem – just let us know in advance!
  • do your parents want to drop you off early or pick you up a bit later? No problem! Drop-off starts from 8:30 and pick-up runs till 18:30 – more time for you to have fun at the beach, and maybe your parents want to hang out at our Blow Beach House for breakfast or drinks and dinner as well!


Value for Money

  • each participants will receive a personalised IKO certificate, which is recognised worldwide so allows you to continue working on your kiteboarding skills when and wherever you want in the future!
  • learning to kiteboard at the unique Zandmotor Beach Lagoon makes each lesson twice as productive as learning on the open waters!

What’s the ultimate goal for this camp?

The goal for this week is to turn you into an independent kitesurfer. We’re super excited to teach you all the ins-and-outs of this fantastic sport! At the end of the camp you’ll get an IKO certificate, which is an official document that allows you to kitesurf and rent kitesurf gear everywhere in the world! All your progression steps are carefully monitored in our own online progression system!

Do you already know how to kitesurf? No problem, we’ll just get you sorted out with your first jumps, tricks and unhooked moves! Our instructors have years of experience, so no matter what the level is you are going to have the time of your life. Besides safety, we’re all about having fun! So join our kitesurfcamp and you’ll have the best week ever!

BLOW Kitesurf camp is based in Kijkduin, next to the famous kitesurflagoon “the Zandmotor”. We have our own beach club and kitesurfschool which is just 5 kilometers south of Scheveningen. The ideal place to just enjoy the beach to it’s fullest!

Expect a week full of awesome activities!

Let’s kitesurf, wakeboard, catch a wave and meet some new friends


We are super excited to teach you all the ins and outs of our favorite sport. That’s why you’ll get 17,5 hours of kitesurfing lessons divided over 5 days*

Beginner – never held a kite in your life? No worries, we’ll just start at the very beginning so you will teach everything there is to know about the sport. We will focus on both theory and skills in order to get you riding as soon as possible.  By the end of the week you’ll be going back and forth and maybe you can even get your first jump yihaaa!

Advanced kitesurfer – So you’ve done a couple of lesson and already know how to ride and jump? Perfect! In other words we can focus on teaching you some new freestyle tricks, going higher and bigger. Tell us what you want to learn in our kitesurf camp and we’ll make it happen. Before you know it you’ll be doing multiple backrolls and some unhooked tricks

*in case of low wind, we have a variety of awesome sports we can do

Wave surfing

Surfing is soooo much fun, haha! During our week we’ll go and check 2 spots and start our first session at our home spot in Kijkduin. Once we’re able to surf the small waves we’ll get our bikes out and mission around the beach of the Hague in search of some bigger and more beautiful “swell” (waves). Our instructors will teach you the basics of surfing; how to peddle, how to stand on your board, how to ride your first wave and how to do your first turns! Vaya con dios Bodhiiii!


Let’s go and shine on the Scheveningen boulevard and have a great skateboard session. We said you need water to surf, just grab a longboard and start cruising alonside the beach and beautiful paved roads of the Hague. We’re absolutely positive that this is the most chilled out form of transport. During the longboard clinic you’ll learn how to balance, control speed and make your first turns. Already have some experience, then try to side step your way on the board – its difficult but a lot of fun.

This clinic will be organized by our partners of the Shore in Scheveningen. After a nice session we’ll kick back and enjoy some of the Shores famous home-made pancakes both healthy and tasty before heading back to our head quarters in Kijkduin!


During our wakeboarding session we’ll teach you everything there is to know about board control. During this activity you won’t need any kite or wind, so we can focus fully on riding long distances! We’ve got our own winch setup on the Zandmotor. Are you able to reach the other side of the lagoon? I hope so, else you’ll have to swim 😉 It’s possible to wakeboard with two persons at the same time, so just imagine yourself and your friend high-fiving whilst riding how awesome is that?

Already know how to wakeboard, nice work! Try your first 180 or full handlepass.


A SUP is a Stand Up Paddleboard on which you can even ride the smallest of waves. Instead of paddling with your arms you use a normal paddle to move yourself forward. It’s actually a lot easier once you get the hang of it. During supping you’ll learn a lot about balance, core stability and how to ride waves with ease. We also have a huge, mega, super SUP that you need to ride with 8 persons at the same time!!!! Haha it involves team work and 100% fun.

A summer full of new friends!

Do you want to learn how to kitesurf? Book your camp directly and make it happen 😉

It’s going to be a week to remember!

Just do it and enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea with us

Food & Drinks

During a week full of exercise and activities we need healthy food full of nutrients to keep us going. That’s why we use fresh ingredients for all our healthy meals. The lunches are prepared in our Beach Club and we’re not dependent on other parties. Our chef will prepare fresh sandwiches, tasty pasta’s, delicious soups every day including the occasional healthy snacks in order to fuel us during the day! During the last day we’ll organise a family BBQ where the parents are more than welcome to see their surfy kids in their new habitat. Don’t forget to book this one, it’s perfect.

*please fill in the reservation form if there are any diets- or allergies we need to take into account

(Are you stoked? We are!)

Our team!

Our team is fun, young and very professional. So when you chose to go on our kitesurf camp with us you’ll be surrounded by the best instructors in the scene with a great passion for the ocean and the beach. Needless to say all of our instructors have a lot of experience and all the necessary certificates. All of the activities combined with our great team provide for a unforgettable week of pushing the boundaries. It does not matter if you have some experience of none at all. Wel’ll take every little details into account and make sure you’ll receive the best tailormade lessons based on your age and level of experience.

Next to safety, our priority is fun! That’s why we’d like to keep the kitesurf groups small – a maximum of 3 students per instructor. This way we’ll know that you will get the best lessons we have to offer!

Locatie Kitesurfkamp

BLOW Beach Housei is situated as the most southern beach club of the Hague. We have a huge beach in front of us and we’re just next to the Zandmotor. This is just 5 km south of the famous beaches of Scheveningen. In short, this is a perfect place for a kitesurf camp. 

We offer our kitesurf lessons in the shallow and flat water lagoon of Kijkduin. This is the ideal spot to learn to kitesurf in Holland. The secluded, shallow lagoon of the ‘Zandmotor’ offers flat water in combination with a very steady sea breeze. That’s why it is the best sport to learn to kitesurf in Holland. There is a special designated area for kitesurfers, so you’ve all the place you need.

kitesurfles kijkduin

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Do I need to pay upfront?

We kindly ask to finalize your booking by wiring the full amount to our account within 5 days after the initial booking.

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